Vw Golf 4 2017 Workshop Manual

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Golf 4 2017 Godište2017 Vw Golf Wolfsburg ManualVw Golf 4 2017 Workshop ManualVw Golf 4 2017 Workshop Manual

58 Volkswagen Beetle Shop Service Repair Manual Volume 2 by VW. 68 Provisional Workshop manual by Volkswagen VW Type 1 2. 85 Cabriolet and Golf and GTI. Workshop Repair and Service Manuals volkswagen All Models Free Online.

This site is terrific except i cannot locate what i need, i get close but. I have spent days and searched every which way. I - this site works for me - except the page that shows the location of the MAP on my engine is different from my engine, turns out it is for the New Beetle L4-1.9L DSL Turbo (ALH) (2003) I simply cannot find anything about the location for the MAP (Mass Air Pressure sensor) I have looked at many many diagrams and photos and none of them look like my engine. Maybe it was modified at some point? I read something about a way to modify the way fuel is fed to the engine? I get a P0108 error on my OBDII and that changed from a P0234 and amber light i was getting from my power loss on hills (turn key off it resets for awhile), which i fixed (seemingly) by cleaning the MAF and replacing the very dirty air filter.

Thought i had found and fixed my problem, even maximum testing on steep hill. New Maths Solution Manuals Available Solutionbuy At Gmail. Then drove car for an hour and going up a small hill i got the power loss again.

Vw Golf 4 2017 Workshop Manual

So i bought the 0BDII and ran the test came up with p0108, which says OBD II fault code P0108 is defined as “Manifold Air Pressure/Barometric Pressure Circuit High Input”, and is set when the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) detects a signal from the MAP (Manifold Air Pressure Sensor) that falls outside of the expected value for the reigning engine load or throttle position. Am pretty confused at this point about what exactly to do next.