Kubota Kh 31 Manual

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Kubota Kh21 Manual

Oct 22, 2016  Some small scale logging with a Kubota KX-91 mini excavator - Duration: 10:31. Average Joe Sawmill and Forestry 7,934 views. See manuals, technical data, specifications and documentation of Kubota KH 41 1987-1991 in category Mini Excavators. Learn more about Kubota KH 41.

Kubota Kubota KH - Our Kubota Kubota KH-31(H) Operators Manual is a high-quality reproduction of factory manuals from the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

Kubota Kh 31 ManualKubota Kh 31 Manual

• OPERATOR'S MANUAL MODELS U 91-3 35-3 English (Australia) Code No. RC468-8131-4 1BAAGABAP0280 1BAAGABAP0290 READ AND SAVE THIS MANUAL © PRINTED IN JAPAN KUBOTA Corporation 2007. • LIST OF ABBREVIATION KUBOTA Corporation is Since its inception in 1890, KUBOTA Corporation has grown to rank as one of the major firms in Japan. Abbreviations Description To achieve this status, the company has through the years American Petroleum Institute. • GENERAL SYMBOLS The instruments and operation elements have been marked with a series of symbols in order to simplify the operation of excavator. These symbols are listed below with the respective descriptions. Safety alert Symbol Boom swing (left) Warning lamp 'Fuel level too low' Boom swing (Right) System lamp Dozer raise.

• FOREWORD You are now the proud owner of a KUBOTA Excavator. This excavator is a product of KUBOTA quality engineering and manufacturing. Vw Passat Tdi Pd Engine Manual.

Kubota Kh 31 Manual

It is made of fine materials and under a rigid quality control system. It will give you long, satisfactory service. To obtain the best use of your excavator, please read this manual carefully. • CONTENTS SAFE OPERATION...1 DEALER SERVICE... 1 TECHNICAL DATA... 2 DESCRIPTION OF MACHINE PARTS.. 3 INSTRUMENT PANEL AND CONTROL ELEMENTS..4 CHECKS BEFORE START..6 DAILY CHECKS...

6 CAB TYPE MACHINES... 6 Wiper/Washer Switch(CAB type only)..6 Interior Lamp(CAB type only)... • CONTENTS TURNS...22 Pivot Turn...22 Spin Turn...23 UP AND DOWNHILL DRIVING..23 OPERATION OF THE DOZER..24 TWO PATTERN SELECTION SYSTEM(TPSS).. 24 Pattern Change... 24 OPERATION OF THE BOOM..25 OPERATION OF THE ARM... 26 OPERATION OF THE BUCKET..

• CHANGING THE BUCKET..63 FUSES...63 Replacing Fuses...63 Fuse Capacities and Circuits..63 Auxiliary Electric...64 Slow Blow Fuse...64 TROUBLESHOOTING...65 KUBOTA I.C.S. NAVIGATION LIST OF MESSAGES.. 67 OPERATION UNDER COLD WEATHER CONDITIONS.

• CONTENTS PREPARATION FOR OPERATION IN COLD WEATHER.69 PROCEDURE AFTER DONE WORK..69 LONG STORAGE... Multi Station Exercise Machine 1998 Owners Manual there. 70 RECOMMENDED OILS... 72 APPENDICES...73 MAIN DIMENSIONS...73 LIFTING CAPACITY...74. • Structures, Falling Objects Protective Structures.) with fatigued. A seat belt is installed by KUBOTA.