2007 Audi A7 Owners Manual

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Audi A3 2015 Owners Manual2007 Audi A7 Owners Manual

• Getting to know your A7 S7 RS 7 Quick Questions & Answers. • The information within this guide must be used in conjunction with the information in the Audi Owner’s Manuals. Refer to your vehicle’s Owner’s Manual for all information and warnings. By using this guide, you acknowledge that you are aware of and have read the warnings and information provided in the Owner’s Manual on the topics in this guide and will use this information to augment that material.

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• This guide will assist you in better by texting the letter keys to the code understanding some of the features of your A7 and provide you with provided. A video tutorial will be sent the knowledge needed to enjoy your new Audi to its fullest. • Controls ® Audio & Navigation TEXT A7AUDIO to 38981 Do not text and drive. Message and data rates may apply. Pressing one of the six function buttons such as The MMI® system consists of the MMI® display RADIO displays that features options in each corner of screen and the MMI®. • Media Function Button • Access available media from connected sources • BLUETOOTH® Audio, SD card, DVD, Jukebox, and Audi Media Interface (AMI).

• The AMI connection can be found in your glove box. Steering Wheel Controls button is used to In addition to the MMI®. • Controls ® cont. TEXT A7SOUND to 38981 Do not text and drive. Message and data rates may apply. Setting Station Presets You can set any mix of up to 50 Presets from FM, AM or Sirius options.

Tune to the desired 3. • Do not text and drive. Message and data rates may apply. To pair a phone: 1.

Switch ignition to accessories mode. Activate your phone’s BLUETOOTH® function 3. Select Audi MMI® when it and set to Pairing or Search mode. Appears on the phone’s screen.

• Verbal destination commands can be given while in any screen. For example: Your Audi MMI® Navigation system has many Global Voice • Enter Number Recognition commands available. This means that you can access • Dial any function or while another function or mode is active. • Initial Setup Audi connect ® Configuration: Audi connect® can provide you with Google Earth™, Google Voice™ Local Search, Wi-Fi Hotspot, Online Services (fuel prices, weather 1. Ensure SIM card (provided by dealer) information, travel information, news feeds) and myAudi is present in the SIM slot. • The Wi-Fi hotspot feature is intended for passenger use only.

Audi connect® services are only available where there is mobile network coverage. You can obtain more information from your current service provider. Important Safety Instructions and Warnings which you must read, are listed on the last panel under Audi connect®. • Audi Navigation Setting a Destination Your MMI® Navigation system has extraordinary capabilities to enhance your drive with user-definable views, routing selections and more. Get started with setting destinations and discover more as you become familiar with the interface.

To set a destination: 1. • TEXT A7NAV8 to 38981 *Google Voice™ Local Search requires Audi connect®, and may require an additional subscription with separate terms and conditions. The features and technologies discussed are optional, and should be used only when it is safe and appropriate.

• Automatic Climate Control 3-Zone Climate Control AUTO Setting setting of your Climate Control System maintains the cabin temperature AUTO to your selected temperature by regulating the temperature, fan speed and airflow. Once activated, there is no need to alter the settings. When is selected, will come on automatically to condition the air.

• 3-Zone Climate Control cont. Fan Speed Fan speed is the same for both zones. Fan speed can be adjusted by turning the control knob. Recirculation The recirculation function prevents outside air and odors from entering the cabin.

It may also be used in conjunction with AC to cool the cabin more quickly. • 4-Zone Climate Control cont.

TEXT A7CLIMATE4 to 38981 Do not text and drive. Message and data rates may apply. Fan Speed Fan speed can be operated independently. To change the speed, press button followed by turning either the Driver or Passenger control knob.

• Driver Information Display. Speed is reached. It remains in memory until you turn your Audi off. Important Safety Instructions and Warnings which you must read, are listed on the last panel under cruise control. Cruise Control. • Start-Stop System This advanced Audi technology is design to help save fuel and reduce emissions at the same time. It shuts off the engine when you stop at traffic signals or during certain stop-and-go driving conditions.

When the system shuts off the engine, the Start-Stop System light appears in the Driver Information System in the instrument cluster. • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Correct Tire Pressure If the TPMS indicator light is on: 1. Check the tire pressure in all tires as soon as possible. Inflate your tires to the specifications on the door jamb label.

Reset TPMS Indicator Light 1. • Clock Settings: MMI ® TEXT A7CLOCK to 38981 Do not text and drive. Message and data rates may apply. To set time with GPS 1. Press the function button.

Press the Time control button. Using the control knob, scroll to Time source. • Power Rear Hatch TEXT A7HATCH to 38981 Do not text and drive. Message and data rates may apply.

Open the Hatch • The rear hatch can be opened and closed automatically. There are three ways to open the power rear hatch. Important Safety Instructions and Warnings which you must read, are listed on the last panel under Rear Hatch.

• Power Rear Hatch cont. Closing the Hatch There are two ways to close the Power Rear Hatch: • Press the button on the rear hatch lower edge; the hatch moves to the closed position and the soft close mechanism locks. 2015 Drz110 Suzuki Service Manual. • Hands-Free Trunk Release TEXT A7TRUNK to 38981 Do not text and drive.

Message and data rates may apply. To open the trunk using the Hands-free Trunk Release feature: 1. You must be carrying your vehicle key (e.g., in your pocket, hand, purse, etc.). • Brakes Brake Noise The majority of today’s vehicles use semi-metallic brake pads, which offer excellent performance. Because of the metal-to-metal contact involving semi-metallic pads, the sounds generated by the brake system under normal operation can be greater than the sounds produced by vehicles equipped with previous-generation brake pads. • • Never use the windshield wiper/washer system in freezing • Unmounted or improperly mounted mobile phones can fly • To reduce the risk of a collision, use the Audi connect® weather until you have warmed the windshield first, using around in the event of a sudden driving or braking maneuver services with a Wi-Fi hotspot in the rear seat only if the the heating and ventilation system.

• • Ask your authorized Audi dealer if run flat tires may be used driving. Never transport objects larger than those which fit • The brake booster and the steering support do not work on your vehicle.

• Notes Notes. • Audi Truth in Engineering A7 S7 RS 7 2014 A7 S7 RS 7 Audi of America auditechnology.com MY14-A7-01 © 2013 Audi of America, Inc. All rights reserved.

Audi A7 The Audi A7 is an executive car made by Audi Auto makers. It is a 4 door hatchback car with a roof line that is steeply raked rear window and integrated trunk lid. The design form the sport back that the car has. The doors are also frameless. The car has been in production since 2010 to date. The car was designed by Stefan Sleaaff.

The car is build on the Volkswagen Group MLB platform and has engine sizes from 2.5 liter to 4 liter engines both diesel and petrol with manual and automatic transmission options.